ClinCapture, the only validated Electronic Data Capture (EDC) software available for free to spon-sors and CROs, will promote four advanced features at the 2016 SCDM Annual Conference from September 11th to 14th in San Diego. The Society for Clinical Data Management (SCDM) Annual Conferences are the largest Clinical Data Management events in the industry.

“We want to keep EDC free for certain types of studies in which budgets are tight,” explains Clin-Capture’s Chief Executive Officer, Scott Weidley. “Going forward, this means free training, free support, and most importantly, access to advanced features such as versioning, localization, au-tomatic deployment, and our intuitive design interface.”

ClinCapture offers a comprehensive eClinical suite that includes EDC, ePRO (Patient Reported Out-comes), CTMS (Clinical Trial Management System), Safety solution, CDISC Express (CDISC conver-sion system), with features such as versioning, translation, auto-deploy, and WYSIWYG. ClinCap-ture’s new personalities, the “EDC Freedom Fighters” led by “Captain Free”, represent these four advanced features in ClinCapture:

VERSIONOID Creates new versions for mid-study changes. In ClinCapture, CRF versioning is both versatile and easy to manage. If a study amendment is required, the new CRF ver-sion can be assigned to specific sites or it can be made available automatically to all sites. Existing data also can be easily migrated to the new CRF version.

TRANSLATOR Translates the words into another language. The entire interface has been translated into a variety of languages, so your users won’t have to cope with indecipher-able error messages. Additionally, CRFs can be written in any language so that ClinCap-ture users can enter data in a CRF localized to their native language.

AUTO-DEPLOY Deploy your study in a matter of seconds. With ClinCapture, you can de-ploy your study in a validated environment, typically in less than 2 minutes, and without requiring any IT support. ClinCapture is hosted on private and dedicated servers around the world, including the US, Europe, and Asia, and you can choose where in the world you want to deploy your study with just one click.

WYSIWYG What you see is what you get. Great design is easy with ClinCapture, thanks to our intuitive drag and drop user interface. And you can feel confident that your form will be rendered exactly as you designed it, without the hassle of constantly previewing your changes.

Visit ClinCapture at SCDM 2016 at booth #310, as well as the new website at to follow the adventures of the EDC Freedom Fighters and to learn more about the advanced features they represent.

About ClinCapture
ClinCapture is the only validated electronic data capture software available to sponsors and CROs for free. As a leading cloud-based eClinical application, ClinCapture empowers its customers to build their own studies, lower their clinical trials costs, and streamline their data capture process-es. Headquartered in San Francisco, ClinCapture offers solutions for single-site studies, multiple-site studies, and enterprise organizations.