“Clinical trials & software development can both employ agile methods to work with limited resources”
Thomas Hickerson, Senior EDC Manager, ClinCapture
Eric Morrie, Director of Product Operations, ClinCapture
  • Learn the benefits of an agile EDC system.
  • Explore the challenges of being agile in the way we capture data.
  • Understand the benefits of using an EDC system over the traditional paper source.
  • Gain understanding on agile development with in the clinical trial space.
Abstract: We don’t often associate the word Agile with clinical trials and up until recently that has been a good thing. The clinical trial landscape is highly regulated and clinical trial complexity has been steadily increasing in the recent years. According to Clinical Leader, a leading website providing news and trends for clinical trial professionals: “Over 1 million data points are collected on average per clinical trial”. Does it really make sense and is it safe to be “agile” in the way we capture clinical data?