“Crowd sourcing offers an innovative approach to reducing the cost of conducting clinical trials”
Marc Desgrousilliers, Chief Technology Officer, ClinCapture
Glenn Keet, Former Chief Executive Officer, ClinCapture
  • Explore the trends that are changing the health research environment
  • Learn about the movement of open collaboration
  • Understand the benefits of crowd sourcing in clinical studies
  • Gain understanding on how to use crowd sourcing to increase participation in clinical trials
Abstract: The trend of open collaboration has led to innovation across multiple industries. For decades, big pharma has been known as conservative and slow to change. Today however, there is a growing movement toward open access and crowdsourcing scientific information to accelerate research and development. Patients are no longer just research subjects or data providers, they are problem solvers participating in a global community of stakeholders. Online physician communities are breaking down competitive barriers in the name of patients.