“Relying on cloud-based eClinical systems empowers users while the adoption barriers to traditional EDC systems”
Marc Desgrousilliers, Chief Technology Officer, ClinCapture
Sophie McCallum, former Director of Operations, ClinCapture
  • Explore the benefits of Cloud-based clinical trials.
  • Learn about the workflow changes associated with Cloud technologies
  • Understand what return on investment this change could mean.
  • Gain understanding on the key steps to successfully adopt Cloud-based eClinical systems.
Abstract: This paper describes the benefits reaped by small and mid-sized biotechnology companies who adopt cloud-based eClinical systems to build, run, and manage their clinical studies. We will demonstrate how ClinCapture®, our cloud-based EDC system, gives these smaller companies the ability to quickly start and run clinical studies on their own. We will show how clinical trial professionals without any programming or IT skills can build, deploy and manage their own studies, removing their dependency on EDC programmers and IT, and ultimately lowering the staggering cost of developing and testing new therapies.