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 It took 3 months to develop CDISC mappings in an alternate application. A ClinCapture programmer was able to achieve it in only 2 weeks in CDISC Express.

Stetson Line, Senior Manager of Clinical Programming, Genentech



CDISC Express keeps the trivial work away from programmers/ daily life and allows us to be more efficient and creative in our work.

JiangTang Hu, SAS Programmer, Sanofi-Aventis



CDISC Express Powerful Fast Free  

CDISC Express is the solution of choice for advanced clinical SAS programmers to convert clinical data into CDISC SDTM (Study Data Tabulation Model) standards. CDISC Express is a powerful SAS®-based mapping tool that streamlines and automates the SDTM data conversion process. CDISC Express follows the new SDTM 3.1.3 specifications, and includes the latest SDTM medical device domains released by the CDISC organization.

CDISC Express offers the automatic creation of Define.XML, a generic SDTM validation function, an advanced lab module, and a format catalog upload function to avoid error-prone and time-consuming data-entry steps. Leading sponsor companies choose CDISC Express to make the switch to CDISC for:

  1. Superior data readability and transparency.
  2. Improved clinical data exchange, storage, and archival.
  3. Accelerated FDA review

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