Base Clinical SAS Programming

Course Description:  This course is an introduction to the use of the SAS computer
package for analysis using de-identified clinical trial data. During this course, you will:

  • Import and export raw data files.
  • Manipulate and transform data.
  • Combine SAS data sets.
  • Create basic detail and summary reports using SAS procedures.
  • Identify and correct data, syntax and programming logic errors.
  • Use Output Delivery System


  1. Introduction to SAS: Data Sets, Programs, PROCs
  2. Creating SAS Variables, Reading Data, PROCs
  3. Data Sets, Programming Statements, Subsetting an Analysis
  4. Group-specific Anayses, Merging Operations
  5. Output Data Sets, Managing Variables, Missing Values
  6. Methods of Generating Data, RETAIN, Probability Distributions, Plots, One-sample t-tests
  7. Formatting Output, Two-sample t-tests, ANOVA, Non-parametric tests
  8. Regression, Correlation, Reading out data (FILE, PUT)
  9. Contingency Table Statistics, Mantel Haenszel Stratified Analysis
  10. Practice test for the SAS Base certification

Course Prerequisites:

  • No experience with SAS is required for this class.
  • Basic computer skills are required.
  • Notions in statistics are helpful.

Instructor: Jennifer Kang, M.S., MPH / Senior Statistician. Jennifer Kang is a Senior Statistician in the Oncology department at Genentech. Ms. Kang graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biology and dual Master’s degree in Biostatistics and Epidemiology. Her graduate research experience includes conducting epidemiologic research on risk associated with radiation induced telangiectasia. Prior to Genentech, she worked with Affymax Inc., to support NDA of OMONTYS, a treatment of anemia due to chronic kidney disease.

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