Cost Efficiency and Committed Team

Background | Clinical Studies By Genomic And Genetic Diagnostic Company

Sequenom is a life sciences company committed to improving healthcare through revolutionary genomic and genetic analysis solutions. The medical device company, founded in 1994 and headquartered in San Diego, CA, develops innovative technologies, products, and diagnostic tests that target and serve discovery, clinical research, and molecular diagnostic markets.

Sequenom Laboratories is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sequenom. It has developed a broad range of genetic disorder diagnostics with a focus on prenatal and ophthalmological diseases and conditions. SensiGene™, MaterniT21™ PLUS, HerediT™, NextView™, and RetnaGene™ are molecular genetic laboratory-developed tests that provide early patient management information for obstetricians, geneticists, maternal fetal medicine specialists and ophthalmologists.

Challenge | Cost-efficient And Supported EDC System

Sequenom was looking to start two clinical studies on their noninvasive prenatal test for detection of fetal chromosomal abnormalities. Prior to ClinCapture, Sequenom had been working with two Electronic Data Capture (EDC) vendors. One of them, as one of the largest CROs worldwide, was offering services at a very high cost. Sequenom needed a partner in its time zone to facilitate support, which, as an international company, the second vendor could not provide.

As a result of high costs and a lack of internal support, Sequenom couldn’t deploy and maintain software technologies to run its clinical trials. The diagnostic company had thus been largely running its clinical trials on paper, which proved time-consuming and did not provide the same level of data quality as an Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system could provide.

Sequenom was looking for a cost-efficient, local, and reactive partner with a flexible solution. After shortlisting five vendors, Sequenom decided to contract ClincCapture primarily for the unmatched cost-efficiency of the pay-as-you-go model and the team’s responsiveness and focus on addressing the company’s specific needs.

Solution | Committed Team Delivers Cost-Efficient and User-Friendly EDC

Sequenom has chosen ClinCapture as its system of choice to run its clinical trials since January 2012. Exactly a year after, Sequenom received the new release of ClinCapture, which proved to be a major step-up in terms of functionality and ease-of-use. As a cloud-based platform with an open-source core, users of ClinCapture can contribute their ideas, suggestions, and feature requests to the product roadmap which the community can then help to implement.

“The new system had all the changes and added features we requested, which truly made us feel listened to as customers”, explains Graham McLennan, Senior Director, Clinical Operations at Sequenom. “The improved interface of ClinCapture is so easy to use and much faster to learn for sites”, confirmed Sara Moellering, Senior Clinical Research Associate.

Sequenom’s team pointed out the excellent customer service and timely support of ClinCapture’s team, extremely reactive and supportive on the phone or by email. The cost savings induced by ClinCapture’s cloud-based model along with ClinCapture’s reliability in regards to costs and change orders were among the biggest points of satisfaction. “The cost doesn’t change. Change orders are driven by things we truly request and we have never had bad surprises” states Graham McLennan. Finally, the ease of use and flexibility of the system convinced Sequenom to keep on using ClinCapture’s platform for its upcoming studies in a foreseeable future.