ClinCapture Virtual Update


Presented by ClinCapture's Senior EDC Manager Tom Hickerson, ClinCapture Virtual Update is our online live demonstration of the latest innovations in the system. It includes a sneak peek of ClinCapture's upcoming features and a Q&A session. View previous virtual updates.



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Date / Time
Upcoming Virtual Updates

Thursday October 27th, 2016, 
10am - 11am PDT

1pm - 2pm EDT


ClinCapture Live Demonstration 

This will be the tenth ClinCapture Virtual Update of the year. Come and discover how to take advantage of ClinCapture's full potential.

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Product Videos



ClinCapture Build Studio

Get an in depth review of our Do-It-Yourself platform to build your CRFs in a matter of days without any programming experience required. Our EDC manager will guide you through the system's best features.

Medical Coding

ClinCapture's Medical Coding feature improves clinical data  by allowing users to appropriately categorize medical terms entered in ClinCapture.




Developed in collaboration with, the randomization module allows you to randomize subjects in one single click.

Rules Studio

ClinCapture's Rules Studio is the drag-and-drop graphical interface to build rules within ClinCapture without XML programming.

  Interactive Dashboard

Interactive Dashboards

ClinCapture's Interactive Dashboards give you an overview of your most essential data in a few seconds directly from ClinCapture's homepage.


Intuitive and user-centered, this module allows seamless patient data collection to your Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system for your clinical study.





On Demand: ClinCapture 2.0 Demonstration

ClinCaptureIn this ClinCapture Virtual Update, Tom Hickerson, Senior EDC Manager at ClinCapture, commemorates the launch of ClinCapture 2.0 with an in-depth overview of its latest features. Sit back and relax as Tom guides you through ClinCapture's latest enhancements including Interactive Dashboards, Medical Coding, our drag-and-drop edit check builder 'Rules Studio', SAS Extracts, Randomization, as well as numerous workflow enhancements.


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Tom Hickerson Senior EDC Manager

Tom Hickerson
Sr EDC Manager at ClinCapture


On Demand: Clinical Trials in the Cloud: A New Paradigm?


ClinCapture CTO, Marc Desgrousilliers, presents the #2 ranked presentation 'Clinical Trials in the Cloud: A New Paradigm?' that he delivered at SCDM 2013.

Clouds are slowly permeating into the design, management and execution of clinical trials. In this session, we will define the various types of Clouds and explore the benefits of using Cloud-based applications such as CTMS, EDC, ePRO and Randomization. We will also discuss the challenges of accessing data stored in the Cloud and other regulatory concerns. This session will help you decide whether or not Cloud-based services are appropriate for your study.


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Marc Desgrousilliers CTO at ClinCapture

Marc Desgrousilliers
CTO at ClinCapture