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Private Clinical Cloud®

Captivate® is a suite of eClinical applications built on ClinCapture ’s eSource Platform and powered by the Private Clinical Cloud®. The Captivate® Platform was developed specifically for clinical researchers, as it uniquely provides the privacy, performance, and power to meet regulatory requirements, facilitate trouble-free data entry, and allow researchers to gain insight into data in realtime.

  • VDC®

    Virtual Data Capture® (VDC®) is ClinCapture’s proprietary suite of products for remote and Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCT).

    Popular Features

    • eConsent
    • ePro (electronic Patient Reported Outcomes)
    • eCOA (electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment)

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  • EDC

    Captivate® Electronic Data Capture (EDC) employs a seamless user interface with intuitive customizable workflows.

    Popular Features

    • Powerful eCRF tool
    • Live data entry with study insights and casebook generation
    • Risk-based monitoring (RBM)

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  • eSource Platform

    The Captivate® eSource platform enables fully integrated and dynamic product features which can be customized to meet customer needs.

    Popular Features

    • Captivate eCoder (Medical Coding)
    • Randomization and Trial Supply Management (RTSM)
    • Reporting

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Comparison Guide to EDC Systems

On Premises EDC
Public Cloud EDC
Provides each customer with their own private software instance
Database can be fine-tuned for each customer’s best performance
Customer can control product upgrades
Software system does not require revalidation on forced upgrades
Latest version of the software is available at no additional cost
Dedicated IT support not required
No servers to install or support
International servers available
Depends on provider
Depends on provider
Depends on provider

Proven Performance

  • 8691+

    Registered users

  • 23014+

    CRFs designed

  • 2902+