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Fight for Your Right to EDC System Features

  • Flexibility

    Our design tool allows you to build your forms using drag and drop or by programming code. You can create form rules using XML and even build custom clickable forms using JavaScript!

  • What You See Is What You Get

    Designing your forms and edit checks is easy with an intuitive drag and drop user interface, which
    renders them exactly as designed.

  • Risk Based Monitoring

    Risk Based Monitoring (RBM) supports both partial and targeted source data verification.

  • Form Versioning

    Study changes are both versatile and easy to manage. If a study amendment is required, a new CRF version can be assigned to specific sites or it can be made available automatically to all sites.

  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics

    Interactive dashboards show your study progress in realtime and allow you to drill down on the data that matters.

    • Easy to use: Graphical, drag and drop interface.
    • Cross study/site reporting: Key clinical data can be analyzed across studies and sites.
    • Self-Service: Users can explore and analyze clinical data on their own with ad hoc reports and dashboards. There is no need for expert assistance.
    • Real time: Provides users up-to-date reports instantly, as their CRFs or their data change. Unlike other EDC systems, there are no additional steps or time wasted to generate data warehouses or business views before users can analyze their data.
    • Embedded: Users can access the tools from within the Captivate® Live Application.