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We all make mistakes.

Some mistakes hurt more than others, mostly when there’s a hefty price tag involved! The good news is that many mistakes can be avoided. If you are a Data Manager and shopping for a new Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system, you are in luck! We compiled a guide to help you spot and avoid common pricing mistakes made by Data Managers when shopping for an EDC system.

Our guide is designed to give Data Managers, Clinical Operations Managers, and other potential buyers increased awareness and ability to spot hidden fees when shopping for a new EDC. Getting the first bill and NOT being shocked by small fees is a GOOD feeling. Read on to learn more before you deploy your next clinical trial!

In A Data Manager’s Guide for Avoiding EDC Pricing Mistakes, you will learn about:

  • 1. Spotting hidden fees
  • 2. Popular pricing mistakes
  • 3. Small fees that turn big…fast!
  • 4. Affordable alternatives


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