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9 February, 2022, by Alexia Chalita

Being a CRO is no easy feat. In the ever-changing world of clinical research, today’s CROs encounter endless twists and turns in study requirements and logistics. Finding a suitable EDC partner that fits the needs of your Sponsor clients’ studies is crucial to the success of a lasting relationship with your clients. Although no two studies are exactly alike, here are a few things to look for when choosing an EDC partner for your Sponsors’ studies: 

  • Save time for your team

The onboarding process with your EDC provider should be efficient and effective, ensuring your team is properly trained before launching your clients’ studies. The system should be easy to navigate and should not require months of training to learn. If issues or questions arise at any moment throughout the study, the helpdesk and support team should be available to walk you through the resolution. Since time is of the essence with clinical trials, customer support and communication should be priority at all times. 

  • Easy to use

When it comes to building studies in a system, having an easy-to-use interface, coupled with highly customizable study build features not only saves CRO customers time but also provides delivered eCRFs with high quality data in the exact format required. Easy-to-use and flexible CRF design tools can help support complex protocols and enhance data entry accuracy.

  • All-in-one solution

Work with an EDC partner that offers ePRO, eCOA, eConsent, eSource, Medical Coding, Randomization, and many more essential eClinical tools. If your client’s protocol has specific assessments and tasks, ensure your vendor is able to accommodate them while expediting the process. Having all features in one place can be beneficial for all parties involved in data collection, entry, and analysis.

  • Preferred by Sponsors and CROs

If you are looking for a long-term relationship with an EDC vendor, ensure their suite of eClinical tools offers capabilities to support clinical trials across multiple sectors – medical device, biotech, pharmaceutical – and phases. 

Are you looking for a long-term EDC partner or evaluating vendors for an upcoming study? Request a demo of our system today.

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