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  • Data Manager’s Guide to EDC Pricing Mistakes

    We compiled a guide to help you spot and avoid common pricing mistakes made by Data Managers when shopping for an EDC system.
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  • Checklist for Evaluating EDC Systems for Your Study

    Are you evaluating an EDC system for an upcoming study? Fill out the form below to download "Checklist for Evaluating EDC Systems for your Study" and to opt into our communications. We hope you enjoy our free guide!
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  • CEO’s Guide to EDC

    In CEO's Guide to Electronic Data Capture (EDC), you will learn what features and tools to look for as a CEO (or member of upper management) when considering various EDC platforms. To get started reading this guide, fill out the form below and click "download."
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  • 2018 Data Manager’s Guide to EDC

    Electronic Data Capture (EDC) is constantly evolving to fit the needs of the growing number of clinical trials. With a wide-variety of options on the market, how does a data manager know what to look for and what questions to ask?
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